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Welcome Message

Dear Colleagues, Friends, and Future Leaders in Molecular Life Sciences,

Welcome to the FEBS 2025 Congress in the magnificent city of Istanbul, where the crossroads of history and modernity meet, creating an inspiring backdrop for our gathering. We invite you to five days of scientific discovery, collaboration and unforgettable experiences.

Istanbul not only bridges two continents but also embodies the spirit of connectivity and convergence – much like our scientific community. Here, in a city where East meets West, we find the perfect metaphor for our Congress – bringing together the old and the new, the tried and the innovative, the theoretical and the applied. As you navigate through this city, you will find that every corner has a story to tell, much like the diverse topics we will explore throughout the Congress.

FEBS Congresses are a collaboration between a member Society of FEBS – in this case the Turkish Biochemical Society – and FEBS, with input into the scientific programme development from FEBS Press editors-in-chief, FEBS Executive Committee members, and representatives of other FEBS Societies to help create an exciting, cutting-edge and wide-ranging speaker line-up. At the 2025 Congress, expect outstanding plenary speakers, symposia on important current molecular life science topics, and special sessions too for extra interest on wider subjects such as education.

We warmly invite junior researchers and seasoned scientists to the event from across the globe.

To our junior researchers, your fresh perspectives infuse our discussions with vitality. To you, we say: ‘Be bold – question assumptions, challenge the status quo. Let curiosity be your compass as you explore our sessions and engage with fellow scholars.’ We bring to your attention the opportunities that will be offered by the preceding FEBS Young Scientists’ Forum, and support for participation in the Congress from FEBS bursaries.

To our seasoned scientists, your wisdom forms the aged oak that supports our scientific canopy. Your experiences are invaluable treasures which have opened new avenues of understanding. To you, we say: ‘Let’s gather under the shadow of the Galata Tower, where echoes of ancient alchemists inspire new collaborations. Let's make FEBS 2025 a truly transformative event, one that will leave a lasting impact on our field and our lives.’

Reflecting on words of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the founder of modern Türkiye – "Science is the most reliable guide in life" – let this Congress be a beacon for scientific exploration and discovery!

Welcome to FEBS 2025 Congress in Istanbul – a symphony of science, a mosaic of cultures, and a celebration of curiosity.

Ferhan Sağın  
Chair of the FEBS 2025 Congress    

Piotr Laidler

 FEBS Congress Counsellor

FEBS has twin commitments to high-quality publications and the promotion of molecular biosciences. As a charitable academic organization,
FEBS uses income from the journals to fund its diverse activities, including support for the FEBS Congress.